Mullett Township


When individuals of the community are engaged it provides enhanced transparency, greater input, in-depth discussions, informed decision-making by the Mullett Township Board. The Mullett Township board encourages participation by citizens and key stakeholders and seeks advice and recommendations from these stakeholders in the special areas of activities assigned to each of the community action groups.

Key stakeholders are those who can – and should – have a role assisting and
enhancing the public participation process. These groups may include:

• All Mullett Township residents
• Commercial business owners and employees
• Emergency personnel
• Neighborhood groups
• Michigan Department of Transportation
• Real estate professionals
• Churches and religious groups
• Schools
• Senior groups
• Community visitors and tourists
• Utility providers
• County officials
• Neighboring jurisdictions

To learn more about community engagement and how you can get involved, please email:

The purpose of Board Committees is to involve board members more directly and utilize their expertise in issues and proposed actions regarding the business of the Township. Examples of Board Committees include: Cemetery & Trail Committees.

Citizen-oriented Action Groups consider matters pertaining to particular Township-sponsored or Township-run programs and operations, making reports and recommendations to the Township Board through its assigned Board member representative. These Citizen-oriented Community Action Groups provide for greater input and discussion before proposed projects, policies, and actions are brought to the full board for consideration. Examples of Citizen-oriented community action groups include: Library, Parks & Recreation, Technology, & Village Planning Action Groups.

Committees and Community Action Groups

Aloha Cemetery Committee
Chairman:  Chuck Maziasz
Mullett Township Board Representatives:  Mike Goerke

Burt-Mullett Cemetery Community Action Group
Chairman:   Harold Kubiak
Mullett Township Board Representatives:  Mike Goerke, Brett Lindgren

Library Community Action Group
Guide and assist the Library Director in support of providing reading material, access to different forms of technology, and other resources to Mullett Township residents and visitors of all ages, which educate, entertain, and inspire individuals, fostering a sense of community in a safe, clean, accessible, and historical venue; and support the exhibit, promote, and publicize the story of Topinabee and its rich historical and cultural heritage.

Community Action Group Members:   Gary Miller, Mary Jan Miller, Linda Miller, Patty Morse, Patti Murdock
Mullett Township Board Representatives:  Brenda Bowes, Denise Ackerman

Parks & Recreation Community Action Group
Reevaluate and filter out previous plan projects that have not seen fruition and suggest new and attainable projects within the scope of the Parks & Recreation plan. 

Committee Members:  Phil Welch, Mary Jo Welch, Mary Jan Miller, Gary Miller, Connie Surabian, Mary O’Hare, Tom O’Hare, Don Warren, Judy Jacalone, David Jacalone

Mullett Township Board Representative:  Brenda Bowes

Technology Community Action Group
Assist the Mullett Township Board with technology process & infrastructure recommendations including systems, hardware, video conferencing & wifi access.  This also includes the development of a new Mullett Township Website.    

Community Action Group Members:  Ken Hoehn, James Hilyard, Jim Ackerman
Mullett Township Board Representative:  Mike Goerke

Trail Community Action Group
Chairman:    Gene Hodilik
Mullett Township Board Representatives:  Mike Goerke, & Brett Lindgren

Village Planning Community Action Group
Assist the Mullett Township Board in developing a 5-year strategy for village improvements. Including pedestrian safety, accessibility, aesthetics & village commercial asset investments to attract new business, strengthen existing businesses, and entice visitors, tourists, homeowners, and potential visitors to our area.  

Community Action Group Members:  James Hilyard, Tom O’Hare, Derek Schittekat
Mullett Township Board Representative:  Brenda Bowes