Mullett Township


Using our new service with BS&A you can do a Public Records Search for current taxes and easily make online payments for a nominal fee.

To pay your taxes online you will need to register for a FREE account on the BS&A website.

  1. Select “Sign In” in the upper right corner
  2. Setup an account
  3. Search taxes by entering your property address
  4. Make payments online for a nominal fee, or mail taxes into the Cheboygan County Treasurer’s Office

Pay Your current Tax Bill

2024 Property taxes are collected by Mullett Township. Any prior year or delinquent taxes please call 231-627-8821 for penalties and interest.

Pay your curent Tax Bill: CLICK HERE

Other Resources

Assessing Data Information

Homestead Tax Exemption Forms:  CLICK HERE

Clayton McGovern(Assessor):  (231) 627-5783

Deferment of Summer Taxes:

Assistance with housing costs and taxes:

Cheboygan County Equalization Department:

U.S. Internal Revenue:

Michigan State Taxes:

Bulletin 18 of 2023 November 14, 2023 Procedural Changes for 2024: CLICK HERE

Bulletin 22 of 2023 December 19, 2023 MCL 211.7u Poverty Exemption: CLICK HERE

Application for MCL 211.7u Poverty Exemption: CLICK HERE

Pay your curent Tax Bill: CLICK HERE