Mullett Township


Blight Ordinance

Adopted a countywide version of a blight ordinance that the County Sheriff will enforce once a Township Board acts to determine a property in violation of the Blight Ordinance. This ordinance will go into effect on April 1, 2022. This change to the current Blight Ordinance was due to the lack of enforcement. In addition, incorporating two “Dump Days” this year on each side of the lake on the first two weekends in August, with plans for two additional dates, on each side of the lake in early May.

Topinabee BEACH Park & Library Parking Lot

Expanded the parking lot at the Topinabee Beach Park & Library with improved access to the Town Hall, public restrooms, and the Topinabee Market. In addition, the project included improved accessibility to the Library with a widened passageway, multiple lanes, and resurfacing of the entire parking lot. New landscaping, walkways, and boulders, and fencing to protect the septic drainage field were incorporated. This project was supported with additional funding from the Topinabee Development Association.

Library Improvements

A new Library Director & committee was appointed. Initial investments include repainting the Library, with repairs to the entranceways, gutters, and roof, including new umbrellas, added to the outside tables. Plans to refurbish the Library’s interior and make sure the ADA compliant is planned to be completed in 2022.


To provide better communication for township citizens, a more user-friendly Mullett Township Website for implementation in late Fall of 2021. This new website will be easier to navigate, incorporate more information about activities going on within Mullett Township.

Online Tax Service

Effective with the Summer taxes due in September 2021- Mullett Township residents can now research and pay their Taxes online either through the use of a Credit Card or an Electronic Check (a small fee is involved with electronic transactions). This service option is in addition to the ability to mail in or drop off.

TOwnship Asset Investments

Township Hall
Implemented various maintenance and repairs, including installing a new rain gutter across, new programable thermostats, and the floors professionally cleaned and waxed and incorporated a new Ballot DropBox with a new graphic wrap. Plans are in place to have the parking lot in front of the township hall resurfaced in 2022.

East Township Hall
Completely refurbished the kitchen and replaced the furnace.

East Mullett Fire Department
Installed a new furnace exhaust fan.

Systems Improvement

Installed new computer hardware and software to allow for systems to run more smoothly with additional security. This includes the installation of a server and desktop computers to handle the new software. Also rewired the township hall to accommodate the new computer system.


Recent updates to roads include Topinabee Mail Route Road and South Extension Road from Mullett Burt Road have been resurfaced. In addition, many of our gravel roads throughout the township augmented, incorporating more gravel this year to correct road conditions. Partnering with the Cheboygan County Road Commission to develop a long-term plan to maintain and repair our Township roads.

Fire Contract With Burt Township

Negotiated a new 5-year agreement that increased the payments with incremental steps. In year three, the agreement provides for Burt Township to pay 1 Mill per taxable value. This is an increase from .5 mill that has been paid for the past several years.

Parks & Recreation

Facilitated needed immediate repair to the Woodruff Boat Launch. Secured permits from the Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), The County Road Commission, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Contracted Wade Trim and, as of the second week of October, received the permits necessary to begin work and have put the specifications out for bid.

Parks & Recreation Investments

School House Park
Renovations have begun with the tennis & pickleball court. The basketball courts have been power washed, incorporating new yellow edging has been replaced on the top of the fence surrounding the baseball field. New Basketball goals have been purchased and received and will be installed in 2022.

Chamberlin Park
Local residents, worked together this summer to do some landscaping and cleanup.

Boy Scout Park
Plans are underway for a 1/3 mile eight-foot-wide nature trail in the woods with a series of private picnic areas overlooking Mullett Lake. Also planned is additional playground equipment and nearby picnic areas.

Topinabee Beach Park
Swimming Buoys were installed to ensure passing watercraft are aware of the swim areas.


The Mullett Township board encourages participation by citizens and key stakeholders. It seeks advice and recommendations from these stakeholders in the particular areas of activities assigned to each committee. Several community action groups were established to help guide the Mullett Township Board. They include Technology Action Group, Parks & Recreation Action Group, Village Planning Action Group, & the Library Action Group.